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Welcome!  You clicked a link or maybe just wandered  over to our Plan Your Visit page.   Some come because they are curious about how a church could be relevant in their lives.  Some wonder about the  things they hear about churches being hotbeds of close-minded people who bludgeon those who are different with the club of religion.  Disciples of Christ is a “big tent” Christian denomination with Unity as its primary focus. Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Why should you come to church?

•You become part of  a community.

•Scripture provides an objective foundation for  discerning right from wrong.

•Comfort in being part of something much larger than yourself.

•Being part of organized efforts to help others.

•Expressing your own individuality through worship.

•Building a life centered on gratitude.

• Create an understanding that science reveals the majesty of creation.  Science confirms rather than denies.


What to expect when you visit.

• No need for formal clothes.  Dress comfortably but be respectful in the House of God.

• Service starts at 9:30 AM, please arrive around 9:15 so we have time to greet you!

• Parking is not normally a problem, but we will reserve a place for you in the parking lot to the north of the Church (across Seneca street.)

• If you wish, we can assign you a sponsor who will greet you at the door, introduce you to other members and answer any questions you may have. 

• Communion will be served to all.  That is a key element of a Disciples of Christ worship service.

• If you want to know more - click on the About Us link at the top of the page.

• Masks are not required.

Plan Your Visit

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